Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) of SSB interviews

Want to crack upcoming SSB interview and looking for Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) procedure. TAT is the most important tests of SSB. Read on to know more about Thematic Apperception Test procedure, time duration and best tips to crack TAT.

Thematic Apperception Test or TAT is conducted by SSB interview boards after completion of screening tests. Only screened in candidates have to appear for TAT test. Thematic Apperception Test of SSB is very crucial for good scoring as it explores Officer Like Qualities (OLQs) of the candidates. Generally TAT will be conducted on second day of SSB interview.

In TAT, all candidates will be seated in an auditorium or a big hall. There will be a projector or OHP set to project the pictures on the screen. SSB officer will brief all the candidates about the test before TAT starts.

Briefing for TAT tests of SSB interview

  • Total 20 pictures will be shown on the screen during the TAT examination.
  • Each picture will be displayed for thirty seconds.
  • Candidates need to observe the picture for thirty seconds and write a story on the picture.
  • Candidates should give a meaningful title for the story on the top.
  • Candidates will have three minutes to write the story.
  • No break is given to the candidates during the test.

After giving the briefing, the officer will ask you whether you have any doubts. So please do ask promptly if you have any slightest doubt in your mind regarding the test. After doubts are cleared, one by one all TAT pictures will be shown to the candidates. Once the test begins, you will have very little time to relax in between. So all SSB candidates are advised to be quick enough to cope up with the speed.

Last slide of TAT test of SSB interview will be a blank one. It might sound absurd but it's absolutely true that the last slide will be a blank one. So all first timers will be surprised by the blank slide of SSB. So candidates need to learn how to answer blank slide of Thematic Apperception Test in order to score good marks in TAT.

Candidates must write good stories to crack SSB interview. Once one perform well in TAT, things will become smoother in future rounds of SSB.

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