Full Group Task of GTO tests in SSB interviews

Written by Ashis Dubey on Apr 14, 2013

Looking for Full Group Task or FGT test of SSB interviews? GTO is responsible to conduct FGT test. Read on to know about Full Group Task and objectives along with tips to excel this SSB test.

Full Group Task test is conducted on fourth day of SSB interviews as part of GTO tests. GTO observes all candidates very closely as this is the last GTO test of SSB. After this test, GTO has to submit his findings about the candidates and finally he need to recommend eligible candidates. So all candidates need to be careful about FGT test. All need to put up their best to pass the FGT test.

In Full Group Task, all candidates need to carry a dummy load or a stretcher from start line to finish line. FGT is similar to that of Progressive Group Task. Hence, GTO will not give much briefing about the test and thus he will just ask the group to start the task after short briefing.

FGT test gives last chance to all candidates as well as GTO to show off various OLQs in GTO part of SSB. So all candidates need to participate with the same amount of enthusiasm and should put full efforts to do their best.

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