Individual obstacles test in SSB interviews - Tips to pass

Written by Ashis Dubey on Apr 13, 2013

About to face SSB interview and looking for individual obstacle GTO test information? Individual obstacles test is designed to check OLQs in SSB. Read on to know what individual obstacle test is and why it is important GTO test of SSB interviews.

SSB interview does have many GTO tests to check the true ability of a candidate.Individual obstacle test is one of the important GTO tests of SSB interviews. Generally individual obstacle test is conducted on third day or fourth day of SSB interviews. Many officers like qualities are tested through the SSB interview's individual obstacle test. Thus, it becomes very important test in which one need to excel. Let us see what individual obstacle test is and what are various obstacles those need to be performed by a candidate.

Obstacles of individual obstacles test of SSB interviews

There will be total ten obstacles that need to be crossed by an individual candidate. These ten obstacles carry marks depending upon the difficulty level of the obstacles. Here we have provided details of all ten obstacles.

  1. Long jump - Candidates need to jump over 6 feet long ditch to pass this obstacle. In order to pass this obstacle, just run from some distance with all your pace and jump at once to pass. It is not that much difficult to pass. So one must not miss this obstacle during Individual obstacle test.
  2. High jump - Generally a candidate need to jump four feet high obstacle. This test is also quite easy if a candidate does practice. Same as in long jump, run from some distance and jump at once.
  3. Wall climbing - In this SSB Individual obstacle, candidate needs to climb a wall of 7 feet height. Climbing 7 feet high wall seems little difficult if a candidate haven't climbed any wall during his college or school days. If you are good in jumping campus wall and bunk the classes, it is sufficient to pass this test. Our normal height is of 6 feet and we need to jump one feet extra than ours. For this we have to take support of our hands and legs. First run from some distance and leap on the wall. Place your both hands firmly on the top of wall and jump on it.
  4. Monkey crawling - Monkey crawling obstacle will consist of three wooden structures arranged in haphazard manner. In this test candidate's self confidence and balancing quality is judged by the SSB GTO. To pass monkey crawling obstacle, just go through this obstacle as fast as possible by maintaining your balance.
  5. Rope climbing - Rope climbing obstacle is one of the toughest of individual obstacles. Candidate need to climb 16 feet rope. Important thing to note down at rope climbing is when you are coming down, don't slide using the hands. Sliding will rupture your hands and you will be injured. As you have climbed the rope slowly, get down slowly to avoid any injuries.
  6. Passing through tyre or Tiger leap - As the name suggests, one need to leap like a tiger to pass this obstacle. One tyre will be hanging with the help of rope. Candidate need to jump through the tyre.
  7. Tarzan swing - One need to cross a ditch with the help of rope in a similar fashion that of a tarzan in the older days. Thus, climb the stairs and hold the rope above your chest level and jump with pace. You will definitely clear the exam.
  8. Tarzan  jump - In tarzan jump, candidate need to climb the stairs and jump from some height and catch the rope hanging in between and reach the other end.
  9. Balance walking - In balance walking obstacle, candidate need to walk through 7 feet wooden plank by balancing himself.
  10. Walking over parallel ropes - In this individual obstacle, candidate need to walk through the parallel ropes. Just keep cool and balance yourself to pass this obstacle.
Thus, this is the overview and tips to pass individual obstacle test of SSB interviews.

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