Snake Race of SSB interview GTO tests

Written by Ashis Dubey on May 13, 2013

Shortlisted for SSB interview and looking for snake race GTO test? Snake race is one of the important GTO tests of SSB interview. Read on to know about snake race of SSB interview and tips to pass.

SSB interview GTO tests are very important for passing the interview. Without being recommended by the GTO, one cannot get recommended by Services Selection Board. Snake race is conducted by GTO as part of GTO tests.    In the snake race test of SSB interview, group of candidates will be holding a long and somewhat heavy rope. After holding the rope, the batch should be able to take the rope from the start line to end line. Snake race is conducted for all batches at a time and GTO will watch and observe each candidate very carefully to note down potential OLQs.

Tips to impress GTO in snake race test of SSB interview

During snake race test of SSB interview, all candidates need to participate with full might and act as in a group. Though individual qualities are tested in snake race by GTO, mostly OLQs which are required for a leader when he is in a group are evaluated in this test. Thus, one need to concentrate on working together with full group rather to perform individually.   One should follow all rules of snake race which are elaborated by the GTO. Candidates should be attentive and should actively participate in the test. During the snake race, you will be asked to choose a slogan to shout all the way to finish line. Thus, candidates who want to pass SSB interview should shout the slogan enthusiastically during the snake test.   Shouting will increase your self confidence as well as it improves team coordination. Also you should encourage others too to shout with the group. One should encourage all team members to be quick.   In a group you may find some candidates lethargic and are very slow in their action. So just encourage them to do their best. This will have a positive impression for GTO. Don't scold other candidates if they commit any mistake during the snake race test. Just tell them that it's fine and be careful next time.   Snake race of SSB interview will explore many Officers Like Qualities of all candidates who are participating in the test. We knowingly or unknowingly reveal our qualities in front of GTO when we are exposed to challenging conditions.   Overall, patience is the key for success in snake race test.

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