SSB Interview Tips for repeaters, screened out, conference out and failed candidates

Written by Ashis Dubey on Aug 05, 2013

Not recommended in SSB interview or screened out in PPDT test? Many candidates lose hope after getting rejected in SSBs. Check out best way to get motivated after failing in SSB interviews. Also get best tips for repeaters to crack SSB.

Bhag Milkha Bhag movie is a perfect way to refresh your mood as the movie inspires you to do best and never feel as a loser. Many times in our lives, we feel very sad if we fail to do our desired task / thing. Suppose your deepest desire is to become an officer in armed forces and you got rejected in SSB interview. Definitely many candidates who got screened out in stage I or not recommended by SSB board in conference will somehow feel disappointed. For them, it seems as if there is nothing left in this world to do. There are many candidates whose personal as well as professional life gets hampered by rejection in SSB interview. Thus, here we have presented a way to come out of depression for those candidates who have failed in SSB interviews.

Bhag Milkha Bhag movie is all about Indian athlete Milkha Singh. Milkha Singh was the first athlete who won medals for India in many international events including the world record in 400 mtr sprint. Milkha Singh was born before partition of India.

Bhag Milka Bhag movie revolves around events took place in Milka Singh’s life during partition of India and will narrate up to his world record achievement and a national holiday.

By watching the flick, one will get tremendous inspiration as Milkha Singh’s life was not so easy. He had to struggle and struggle to succeed. Thus, a candidate who was rejected by SSB board officials need to put on more efforts to succeed in the interview and get recommended by selection board. Without hard work nothing can be achieved.

One can have a look at OLQs of Milkha Singh too. Determination, sense of humour and hard working qualities are key OLQs of Milkha Singh to succeed in recording a world record after losing qualifier round in Olympics. Also candidates may set a target and improve their skills with hard work and good guidance/coaching. If you feel that you are not able to judge yourself properly, taking coaching in best SSB coaching institutes will help you a lot.

Taking coaching only will not guarantee success in SSB interviews. You need to a work hard to get selected. Passing percentage in SSB interviews is very less. Thus, more you work hard more will be your chance of getting selected. If you feel Milkha Singh had thought of quitting after getting disqualified in Olympics, he might have not become the best athlete of India and in the same way, no world record would have existed on the name of Milkha Singh.

Candidates who are not recommended in SSB interviews should not give up but should stand up and make a new resolution to work hard and crack SSB interviews. You should analyse your weaknesses properly in order to proceed. Don’t hide anything from you while analysis. Be honest to yourself and work on your weak areas. If you feel you are weak in current affairs, then work on to improve your current affairs.

Thus, we recommend all candidates watching Bhag Milkha Bhag movie to keep motivated.

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