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Written by Ashis Dubey on Sep 02, 2013

About to appear in SSB interview and looking for currently asked group discussion topics? Tourism is one of the frequently given group discussion topics of SSBs. Check out complete information on tourism in India.

Group discussion test in SSB interview is very crucial in many ways. Group discussions provide various OLQs of a candidate who is participating in the discussion. Thus one need to be very careful while participating in GDs. Here we have provided most frequently asked GD topic of SSB interview i.e., tourism. Complete analysis and tips are given to score good marks in SSBs.

SSB group discussion topic and question - Tourism

Candidates please discuss on tourism in today's group discussion.  How tourism can be developed? 
  • By providing more facilities? 
  • By providing more security?
  • By advertising?
After the question is asked, candidates need to discuss on the given topic. Here, we have outlined all information related to healthy group discussion.
Tourism is an environment friendly, labour intensive, export-oriented sector. Recent surveys show that India is among the top ten countries which people find attractive, comfortable and enjoyable to visit. India is also the second best 'exotic' tourist destination worldwide in a survey conducted by the Kellogg School of Management. Being in demand India has a high potential to develop its tourism industry. India has all the favourable points to attract tourists. World famous mountain ranges hills of Ladakh. Desert of Rajasthan. East and West Coast line with beautiful beaches of 'Goa. Kerala, Pondicherry Orissa. Forests of North & South and the beautiful states of North- East. Along this rich culture and diverse customs & lifestyles. Variety of food & drinks make India a distinct destination on the world map. Still the tourism industry is not fully developed. There are immense possibilities for the country to play perfect host to the world, but for that mobilization of funds, international level facilities, aggressive marketing is the need of the hour.


 Since our independence we have continuously tried to better the facilities in our country. In India the Tourism Industry generates about 9.3 million jobs for people. Starting from the point of entry we have made the customs and immigration procedures much simpler. We today provide every kind of information to the tourists at the airports. We are setting up 5 new international airports across the length and breadth of the country to facilitate foreign visitors. Today we have prepaid Taxi service, better roads and a bigger network of railways. We have changed from meter gauge to Broad gauge. Which has reduced (he travelling time. We have trains like " PALACE ON WHEELS" which is one of the best trains in the world. Airlines have come up with astounding low cost air-fare. The facilities are much better today than ever before. We must enhance package tourism and exploit the lean and peak period to get business round the year. Each year Malaysia and Thailand organizes a Shopping Carnival from 14'" of August to 15"' of September. India should also encourage such type of Carnivals, which are duty-free and tax-free to attract tourist from other countries. Such examples are Surajkund Mela. World Trade Fair etc. The government is set to introduce a Visa-on-Arm 'al Scheme for visitors from 16 countries including Australia. Japan. France. Spain and Germany. Amongst others visitors from 16 countries have been identified as big spenders.


 Security is an International Problem. In our country it is restricted to the Kashmir Valley and some parts of the Northeast. Rest of the country enjoys total peace. Whenever a foreigner comes to our country, he should be appraised of this fact at the airport itself. Our embassies and consulates in foreign country should advise the tourist to avoid these destinations.. However, centre and state effort should be to co-ordinate and advance information should be available about the prevailing conditions in the state so that no tourist gets struck in local security problems. We not only have to ensure the security of the tourists but also their belongings and ensure that local guides or touts do not harass them.


 India gets only 0.4% of the total world tourist, which works up to about 2.46 million tourist a year. Even small countries like Singapore gets 5.6 million, Spain gets 40 million and China which in 1986 use to get the same number of tourists as us, today gets in excess of 50 million. For promoting Tourism Industry in India and World wide Aggressive Advertisement is a very important aspect. This can be done using Internet, Cable T.V, releasing our Funds to our Embassies abroad. Whenever our VTP's visit foreign countries it should be ensured that the details of tourism in India, should be highlighted in their newspaper because for a short time the VIP is in the focus of attention of the tourist countries. Mauritius and Sri Lanka have used this step very effectively to boost tourism in their Countries.

Latest Update on tourism 

SARS AND wars are gone and the tourism sector is witnessing a boom. God's Own Country is set for the kill. If the massive bookings and inquiries are an indication, the state is expecting a decisive spurt in foreign tourists' arrival. Leading tour operators and hotel chains have already put up 'houseful' boards for the season starting October. "Kerala” for example is expecting at least a nine per cent increase. (Last year 2.57 Lakhs foreign and 2.58 million domestic tourists Visited Kerala.). If the present peaceful atmosphere continues it may even go up.

Tour operators and the hotel industry are upbeat that there is a steady rise in upmarket foreign tourists. "We never had such inquiries and bookings from foreign countries. Several chartered flights are coming from East Europe and Russia, so all are busy appeasing the upmarket tourists called MICE (meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibitions) tourists.

'Some business while holidaying', concept is fast catching up with the MNCs. This year the state will receive around 20 such MICE batches. "Backpackers are on the decline. The MICE groups' arrival augurs well for the industry because their spending powers are high",

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