Frequently asked GD topic of SSB interviews - Why is crime increasing in our society?

Written by Ashis Dubey on Oct 12, 2013

Group discussions of SSB interview are very important tests to judge a candidate's ability to be an officer in Indian Armed Forces. Check out frequently asked GD topic of SSB interview on increasing crime in our society with all possible solutions.

Why is crime increasing in our society?
a) Ineffective Police
b) Delayed Justice
c) Political Interference

“The idea that the sole aim of punishment is to present crime is obviously grounded upon the theory that crime can be prevented, which is almost as dubious as the notion that poverty can be prevented". These were the words of H.L Mencken. The crime graph is constantly increasing year after year. Ideally crime should be prevented, if it can't be prevented then it should be at least be detected and the criminal should be brought to books. The crime is increasing continuously- like  dacoits. robberies, murders, kidnappings, rapes, thefts, and killings of witnesses. As per a report of the National Crime Records Bureau. Crime in India 1999. 64.11 lakh cognizable crimes were reported in that year. Showing an increase of 28.3% over the last decade. With law and order situation going haywire throughout the country, the crime rate has drastically increased. No doubt, a number of factors such as increase in population, industrialization, urbanization, increasing vehicles, economic disparities, growth of slums, unemployment and migration to cities have pushed up the crime rate. India ranks amongst the top ten corrupted countries of the world.

Ineffective Police Police is a vibrant organization wherein changes are a routine affair. In this context professional policing is the need of the hour. Besides this constant efforts are made at the operational level and at the higher administrative level to improve the facilities provided by the police to the general public, toady the main focus should be the security and safety of the senior citizens, women and children who are the most vulnerable sections of the society. The cops are under observation since the city police have taken measures to install close circuit cameras in all local thanas, the number of which is around 126.

Just 60% of the police stations in Delhi have these cameras. The basic problem faced by the general public is that the police itself are hostile to them by being indifferent and rude. In case of any folly on the part of the officer concerned, stringent action must be taken in this regard. According to one survey, there is only one policeman for every 500 persons in the city. Sometimes it becomes difficult to keep a watch on the happenings around. Public assistance is a must for effective policing.

Rewards and remuneration in the form of better pay, recognition and appreciation should be given to them in order to boost their moral. They should also be provided with modem technical aids, communication facilities and transport. For public convenience, the police department has launched a facility where a person can lodge his FIR through E-Mail. A sub-inspector along with two constables should be appointed forever) locality. Proper Duty charts should be made for night patrolling. The government has also taken steps wherein it has organised meditation camps for constables and inspectors which are compulsory for them due to long working hours in order to keep them stress free because of long working hours.

Delayed Justice It is well said that, "Justice delayed is Justice denied". Law and Order are meant to ease the grievances and problems of the people. The judicial system should be made more flexible, efficient and less time consuming to enable it to administer justice quickly and rightly. A stipulated time period should be fixed for each case and the judgement should be made full and final before or till the time allotted. Today people have become very conscious about their rights. Our lawyers, magistrates and judges at all levels are zealous about safeguarding about their rights. Laws are unbiased. No one is above law and everyone is accountable to it, whether high or low, politician or the police.  Even today centre is responsible in the ultimate analysis and decision. But it will not be possible for the centre to administer law and order under normal circumstances. The local authorities should primarily be responsible for law and order. Besides, the police, the district administration is also responsible for maintain of law and order. There should be certain amendments to laws especially case dealing with women because they are the most vulernable lots. Decorum should be maintained especially when a rape case is dealt with. It is true to say that law takes its own time. The Supreme Court is at the apex of single operated system of courts. Lord Bryce observed "There is no better test ot the excellence to a government than the efficiency of his judicial system, for nothing more nearly touches the welfare and security of the citizen that can rely on the certain, prompt and impartial administration of the Justice".

Political Interference Crime and politics are the two sides of the same coin. Today very few politicians are "clean" in the eyes of the public. The growing nexus between politicians and the criminals is the main reason for corruption in our society at every level. The recent murder of the Keshav Puram Councilor Atma Ram Gupta by one of his fellow councilor's Sharda Jain is one such example. Politicians are the leaders of the country. The general Public has high expectations from them. Because ours is a democratic government which is formed by the people, of the people and for the people. The extreme interference of politicians in the judicial procedure hampers the smooth functioning of the system.

The police should be allowed to act without any interference-political or otherwise. The main reasons for the steady growth of crime in our society is the advent of getting quick professional politician on the scene. They make hay while the sunshine as it also encourages among the officials to suit their own ends. The only, remedy therefore lies in separating the function of the politician and the officials. The work of the politician should be confined to laying down policies and they should not have anything to do with routine day to day administration except to see that the policies laid down one effective. It is also important that eminent men Who arc standing with a spirit of dedication should come forward to replace the professional politician so as to make for a cleaner administration.

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