Expected technical questions asked in TGC, UES, SSC technical entries SSB interview

Written by Ashis Dubey on Nov 26, 2013

About to appear in SSB interview of technical entry such as TGC, TES, AFCAT, UES, SSC Tech and Navy Technical branch and looking for technical questions asked? Check out expected technical questions in personal interview of SSB interview here.

  There are many entries offered by Indian Army, Air Force and navy related to technical branches. Engineering degree or M Sc Computer Science degree is essential to apply for these entries. Few of these entries are Technical Graduate Course TGC, SSC Tech for men & women, AFCAT AE(L) & AE(M), University Entry Scheme, 10+2 TES and Navy's technical/executive branches.  Let us see which type of questions asked for engineering graduates in their SSB interview.   Every candidate appearing in SSB interview for technical branch has many questions spinning in the mind about the interview procedure. Most important question is do the interviewing officer ask questions related to technical studies /subject. No one will get the answer correctly anywhere.  As you are appearing in technical entry, few technical questions may be tossed up to you by the interviewing officer. But the chances of being asked tech question are very less. Even if the interviewing officer does ask technical questions, they will be very basic or fundamental in nature.   For  example, a candidate is presently working in telecom company and particularly in antenna  related technical job. Then for that candidate, an expected technical questions are what is wavelength, how frequency affects the size /length of antenna etc.  If a person do have good fundamental knowledge, he would surely answer these questions of technical subjects easily.   Interviewing officer will never ask you complete hardcore technical questions such as what is the code for getting input in Java program. Main motto of SSB interview is to find the suitable person for officer post.   If a person's psychology is strong, the person will grasp the things easily and will become good technical officer also. This is the main reason why SSB interviewing officer may not ask technical questions. Second reason is as an officer, you should not only do technical things but also manage your team members.   But one cannot rule out that there will not be any kind of technical questions in their personal interview. No one can predict the questions asked in the interview of SSB. Whatever you do in routine, you should know why you are doing and what is the outcome. That is expected from the interviewing board. Mainly officer like qualities are checked during the interview and not technical knowledge.  
So go on and prepare well for the SSB interview.

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