Importance of communication skills in SSB interview

Written by Ashis Dubey on Dec 23, 2013

Check out how communication skills help candidates for passing SSB interview with ease. Let us see the importance of communication skills in personal interview.

As the world is advancing in all ways, we know that it is very important to have good set of communication skills to succeed. Same rule applies for SSB interviews also. A candidate who wants to get recommended in SSB interview should definitely have good communication skills.
  Communication is exchange of thoughts from one person to another person. Communication skill is how quickly and how accurately one person conveys his thoughts to other persons. Suppose you want to ask other person for some help. If you cannot make the other person realise exactly what help you want from him, he will not be able to extend his help. So effective communication is the key to succeed not only in SSB interviews but also in each and every interview of your life.    Communication skill set is good for all perspectives of one's life. If one is expressive, he will not find any difficulty in any situation. An officer also needs to communicate his thoughts clearly to his seniors and juniors so that the organisation can run smoothly. Communication skill is an officer like quality. An officer serving in any defence organisation may need to communicate with others during his service. As we all know that Indian armed forces do interact with people with different languages and different religions, one should be able to communicate with the other even without much difficulty.   In SSB interview, GTO and psychologists will look for communication skills of a candidate. If a candidate is excellent in all other perspectives but have poor communication skills, the candidate's selection chances will be very less. In fact, SSB interview is all about communication skills. Right from the beginning with PPDT test's group discussion till the last conference stage, communication skills are required to impress.    Defence aspirants should try to improve communication skills as it is creates positive impression on the officers who are testing. If we consider two candidates with same set of knowledge and personality, one candidate with low power of expression and the other with good power of expression, second one is likely to have good chances of selection.    Thus, we conclude that candidates with good power of expression and good communication skill set will have greater chance of getting selected in SSB interviews.   Also read :  

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