How to Improve Communication Skills for Interviews

Written by Ashis Dubey on Feb 26, 2014

About to appear in SSB interview and want to improve communication skills? Communication skills are very important to pass SSB interview. Check out best tips to improve communication skills for facing interviews here.

Best tips on how to improve communication skills

Communication skill is very important to succeed in any interview. Most of candidates fail in interviews due to poor communication skills. Like all other interviews, in SSB interview also communication skills are required to get recommended. So here we have provided few best tips to improve communication skills.


Grammar is the backbone of one's communication skills. If you don't know correct grammar, you will not have sufficient skill to communicate your thoughts to others effectively. Also if you if you are weak in grammar you will not be able to understand others feelings or instructions. Thus, grammar is very essential to improve communication skills. If you think your grammar is weak, then you must spend sometime regularly to improve it.


Knowing grammar alone is not sufficient to effective communication. One should be strong in vocabulary too. If you are strong in grammar part but weak in vocabulary you may not be able to express your views correctly. Importance of vocabulary can be demonstrated by an example. Suppose you go to a grocery shop to buy some ingredient and you don't know the name of that ingredient. Shopkeeper will ask you to know the name and come for buying later. So vocabulary and grammar are interconnected with each other when it comes to effective communication. If you know vocabulary only but weak in grammar then also you won't be able to showcase your power of expression OLQ in SSB interview. Vocabulary is not only important in interview part but also for written test part.


Now you know that for good communication one needs grammar and strong vocabulary. But expression that you demonstrate at the time of speaking will also affect your communication skills. Lot of things are conveyed automatically with your expressions to others without saying a word. Suppose you want to wish other person on his birthday and you wish him with dull voice, other person will think that you are not happy with his birthday. So to be a good communicator, you need to improve your expressions.

Body Language

Body language is the least bothered aspect in our education system. Many candidates fail in SSB interview because of poor body language as in SSB interview, our body language is the main observation point for GTO, psychologist and interviewing officer. With observing body language, trained psychologist may know or may arrive to a conclusion about a candidate's psychology. Body language is the key factor which is taken into account when a candidate's psychology is tested. Having good body language is not only important for communication skills but also for impressing interviewer. So improving body language is an essential part of good communication skills.

Quality of listening

One must be a good listener in order to be a person with communication skills. As communication is a two way process, one may not be said to have good communication skills until unless he had good listening and understanding ability. Thus, improving your listening quality is also essential for improving communication skills.   Here we have seen 5 qualities required to be improved for improving communication skills to pass SSB interview.   Also check out

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