Best books to pass SSB interview 2014 - 15

Written by Ashis Dubey on Apr 18, 2014

Are you looking for best SSB interview books to pass? Reading best book can make you crack SSB interview easily. Check out top SSB books to study for passing the interview in the year 2014 - 15 here.

Best SSB Interview Books 2014 - 15

SSB interview is one of the toughest and longest interviews held in India. Also candidates are pushed to their extreme limits for assessing the real OLQs. So to get an idea on complete SSB interview procedure, one must study the best book only. Here we have provided two best books on SSB interviews.

SSB Interview - The Complete Guide by Cdr NK Natarajan

Best SSB Book By Jaico PublicationsSSB interview - the complete guide book written by Cdr NK Natarajan is the best selling book. Arihant publishers has published this SSB interview book for the past three years and now this book is being published by Jaico publications. No matter which publication is releasing this book, it is the best book compiled on 5 day SSB interview. Cdr NK Natarajan has worked in SSB Bhopal as GTO and also an expert psychologist. Also Cdr Natarajan is the founder of SSB Gurukul.
SSB interview - the complete guide book does provide in depth information and valuable tips related to each and every test of SSB interview. Group Discussion topics are covered and are also updated. Service related information is also provided so that candidates appearing in the SSB interview can answer if any question is tossed at him during personal interview.

Detailed analysis of psychology tests is provided in this SSB book. Special care has been taken to not make the book very lengthy. So candidates may quickly read the contents and revise whenever they want to recap. SSB interview - the complete guide written by Cdr NK Natarajan does provide good amount of PPDT pictures and SRT situations for candidates to practice. GTO tasks are explained in detail to make you confident.

Thus, SSB interview - the complete guide is one of the best SSB interview books available in the market.


Get Success in SSB interviews by Arihant publisher

Best book of Arihant on SSB interviewSecond book which we consider as the best book to crack SSB interview is recently released book by Arihant publishers - Get success in SSB interviews. This book has been released by Arihant after withdrawal of SSB Interview - the complete guide by Cdr NK Natarajan. Get Success in SSB Interviews book has been compiled by expert authors of Arihant publishers.

The book covers extensively all tests that are held in SSB interview. This book also provides good amount of information on SSB interview along with hot group discussion topics and service related information. One can easily get acquainted with SSB procedure after reading the book. Thus, Get Success in SSB Interviews book is also one of the recommended books to study for passing the interview.


Note : We advise all candidates to just read the books to gain knowledge about the SSB interview. Do not mug up any solutions or theories provided in the book. Instead, develop your own characteristics to succeed. 

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