Firsts in the World - General Knowledge Study Material

Preparing for competitive exams and looking for firsts in the world? Check out first countries and first things to achieve in the world.

General Knowledge Study Material

Firsts in the World First Religion of the world Sanatan Dharma First country to print books China First country to issue paper currency China First country to hold Civil Services Competetion China First country to make education compulsory Prussia First country to win the World Cup Football Uruguay First country to send human on moon USA First country to launch satellite into space USSR First country to launch Radio Telescope Satellite Japan First country to have lokpal Sweden First country to use glass Sumeria First country to make constitution America First country to start underground metro Britain First country to grant women voting right New Zealand First country to set up Atomic Energy Plant USA First space ship landed on Mars planet Viking-I in July 1976 First clonned animal Dolly (Sheep) First unmanned mission to Moon LUNA - 9 First manned mission to moon Apollo - 11 First space schuttle Columbia First rocket to go near the sun Helius - B First University in the world Taxila

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