GK for SSB - Superlatives in the World

Written by Ashis Dubey on Apr 25, 2014

Looking for general knowledge questions for passing SSB interview, AFCAT, NDA and CDS exam? Check out biggest, smallest, tallest and longest in the world.

Superlatives in the world

  Superlatives in the World Tallest Animal Giraffe Smallest Bird Humming Bird Longest Railway Bridge Lower Zambeji of Africa Tallest Building Burj Khalifa in Dubai of UAE Tallest office building Petronas Twin Towers in Kaula Lumpur of Malaysia Longest Big-Ship canal Suez Canal connecting Red Sea and Meditteraniean Busiest Canal in respect of ships Baltic White Sea Canal Longest Day 21st June Shortest Day 22nd December Longest Epic The Mahabharata Highest Mountain Peak Everest of Nepal at 29,028 feet Longest Mountain Range Andes of South America ranging upto 5,500 miles Tallest Minaret Great Hassan Mosque of Casablanca of Morocco Tallest Free Standing Minaret Qutub Minarof Delhi in India Deepest and Biggest Ocean The Pacific Hottest place Death Valley of California Dryest Place Death Valley of California Coldest Place Vostok of Antarctica Brightest planet Venus Hottest Planet Venus Nearest Planet to the earth Venus Largest Planet Jupiter Nearest Planet to the Sun Mercury Farthest planet to the Sun Neptune Longest Railway Platform Kharagpur in West Bengal of India Longest Airliner Boeing 747-B Longest Wall Great Wall of China Highest Water Falls Salto Angel Falls of Venezuela Longest Swimming Course English Channel between London and Edinburgh
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