Largest in the world - General Knowledge for AFCAT, NDA, CDSE and SSB

Written by Ashis Dubey on Apr 24, 2014

About to appear in competitive exams like NDA, CDSE, AFCAT, IBPS, CAPF or SSC Graduate Level exam and looking for online study material of general knowledge? Check out general knowledge study material on largest in the world here.

  General Knowledge study material

Largest in the World Largest Airport King Abdul Khalid International Airport of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Largest Bay Hudson Bay of Canada Largest Diamond The Cullinan of South Africa Largest Island Greenland Largest Mosque Jama Maszid of India Largest Delta Sundarbans of India Largest Desert Sahara of Africa Largest Lake Caspian Sea Largest fresh water lake Lake Superior of USA Largest coral formation The Great Barrier Reef of Australia Largest Continent Asia Largest Country in terms of population China Largest country in terms of area Russia Largest city in terms of population Tokyo Largest concrete dam Grand Coulee Dam of USA Largest Democracy India Largest volcano Mauna Loa of Hawaii Islands Largest peninsula Arabia Largest palace Imperial palace of China Largest park National Park of Greenland Largest Railway Platform Gorakhpur Rly Stn in India Largest Railway Bridge Danyang Kunshan Grand Bridge of China Largest river basin Amazon Largest port Port of New York Largest Sea Mediterranean Largest Diamond mine Kimbarley of South Africa Largest Bird Ostrich Largest salt water lake Caspian Sea Largest Corridor Corridor of Rameshwaram Temple in India

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