Situation Reaction Test Practice Set by Cdr NK Natarajan

Written by Ashis Dubey on Apr 24, 2014

About to appear in SSB interview and looking for Situation Reaction Test practice sets online? Check out SRT practice set suggested by Cdr NK Natarajan, ex SSB board member here.

SRT sample practice paper

1. He and his friend are standing on a bridge over a river. His friend who does not know swimming suddenly falls down.

2. He and his brother have gone to a forest, they lost their way and it is becoming dark. While going to attend an important meeting, he saw a ghastly accident between an auto rickshaw and a Tonga.

3. His father has fixed his marriage with a rich girl but he is in love with his classmate. He has never disobeyed his father. His girlfriend on the other hand says that if he does not marry her, she will commit suicide.

4. His exams are starting next week and he is not fully prepared. His father’s fast friend suddenly comes to the house and there is no one else to look after him.

5. His parents have gone to their relatives leaving him behind with his younger brother. After mid-night his younger brother develops very high fever and there is no medicine in the house. It is raining very heavily.

6. He was studying late in the night and at around 2 AM he finds a man’s shadow entering neighbour’s house through the ventilator. His exam is starting next day.

7. Two groups are quarrelling over a religious problem. And he belongs to the minority group.

8. Fire broke in the village due to short circuiting of electricity at night. He is the only electrician in the village.

9. While studying he is doing tuition side by side. But his parents and friends are advising him to leave the tuition as he is not getting sufficient time for examinations. His financial condition is quite weak.

10. While going in boat in the river Ganga he falls down in the river having very fast current. He does not know swimming.

11. He is about to take bath in the bathroom and has removed his cloths, put on the hook in distance corner(6 feet away) and suddenly one black cobra comes through the drain and stands in front of him.

12. He finds that his girlfriend is moving with his opponent.

13. While going for his exam, he finds that a person has just fallen down from the moving bus.

14. He returns late at night from NCC camp and his step mother does not want to open the door of the house.

15. There is flood in the river and many houses of his village have fallen down. His house is about to collapse, it is late at night.

16. Some persons are climbing the mountain but one of them loses the grip on the rope and falls down.

17. He has gone to the coastal area with a group of friends for sightseeing. Suddenly the storm starts approaching. The tide is rising.

18. He is working in an organisation and one of his close friends, in the same office is being harassed by his boss.

19. His final degree exam is starting tomorrow and he also got a job call tomorrow. He is in great need of job.

20. He has arranged a party in his lawn and suddenly it has started raining very heavily. He has a large number of guests, who have already arrived.

21. He has arranged a party to please his boss for his promotion, party is half way. Someone close to him gives a bad news.

22. In a party thrown by him on his promotion his boss gets annoyed due to the sarcastic remarks of his elder brother and he leaves the party without taking meals.

23. While going to college, he finds that a cyclist has been knocked down by a fast moving car and could not note down the number of the car.

24. In the marriage of his friend, his friend and his father got annoyed due to non-receipt of dowry. They both went away even after lot of request by all including the bride and her father. Bride has become unconscious.

25. He was taking his father for treatment, who is in a wheel chair. While coming out of the house, he slipped on a banana peel and got hip joint fracture. It is raining heavily and no conveyance is available nearby.

26. In the cinema hall, where he is seeing the picture in last row, some bad elements are teasing a girl in front row.

27. He is going in a taxi to catch a train. The taxi moving ahead of him throws out a person and runs away.

28. He is to go with his friend to play a hockey match in the city. His friend does not turn up and both tyres of his scooter are flat.

29. He finds ten people quarrelling over a purse fallen from the bus. The police have approached and they have run away and he is found with purse by the police. Police takes him to police station.

30. While going to attend the SSB, he lost all his belongings including ticket and SSB papers in the train, when he went to the toilet. The destination is just 5 km away.

31. While returning from a late show, he finds that two boys armed with knife is molesting a girl and she is crying. The road is quite lonely, he will

32. He has to deposit his exam fee after two days but his friend demanded money due to urgency today only. He is very poor. He will

33. While climbing the mountain, he finds that one of his teammate has sprained his ankle and cannot move. He will

34. While going on a picnic on a cycle, his cycle got punctured in a jungle and no help is readily available. All other cycles are already overloaded. He will

35. His exams are drawing near and he has to cover a large syllabus but his friend, who is weak in studies, comes to him for help. He will

36. His parents are not in position to bear studies expenditure but he still wants to continue studies. He will

37. His mother and his wife are not pulling on well and quarrel takes place every day and hence there is tension. He will

38. His father wants him to join his profession (property dealing) but he is interested in joining Defence Services. He will

39. His parents are quite old and he is their eldest son. The economic condition of parents is quite weak. They want him to continue his studies. He will

40. His friend is extremely poor but good in studies. He can’t pay his fee. His own financial condition is also not very sound but he wants to help his friend. He will

41. His marriage has been fixed but just one week prior to the marriage the girl meets with an accident and losses one eye. He will

42. He is to catch a train but the coolie has disappeared with the baggage. The train is about to leave. He will

43. He lends some money to his friend. Now he needs this money badly but the friend is not in a position to pay. He will

44. He is the leader of the hiking party but due to some reasons two persons of the party wants to return from the middle of the hike. He will

45. His mother is seriously sick but his boss has refused to give him leave. He will

46. His parents have asked him to return early in the evening but his friends want to celebrate a late evening party. He will

47. His brother is leaving for USA after one week but he is to report for duty in an army unit deployed on the border area. He will

48. The river is in space, bridge over the river has been washed away. It is getting dark. He has to reach home with medicine for his aged mother having heart problem. He will

49. He is manager of a factory, facing serious labour problem. His sister’s marriage is after one week and he cannot leave the station. He will

50. Two officers, under whom he is working, are not in good terms and hence he is getting contradictory instructions. He will

51. He is returning from the movie. On the way he is stopped by the police and during the search of the scooter; it is found that there were two packets of charas scooter. He will

52. Two young persons at midnight enter his house at gun point and need shelter for the night. Their clothes are having blood stains, appear to have been involved in murder. He will

53. He went to Shimla on a pleasure trip. There he finds that all his items have been stolen. He will

54. The dacoits have sent warning to his village headman to deposit Rs.2 lac or face consequences. Villagers cannot arrange even half of it. He happens to be village headman’s son. He will

55. While travelling in bus at night, miscreants have stopped the bus. They started looting it and two persons have started molesting two young girls. They are fully armed. He will

56. He is fighting college elections. But all the girls are with his opponent, who is utilizing them to snatch his votes. He will

57. At midnight he hears a female voice close to his house. Apparently, she is in a terrified state. He will

58. The college students are about to call a strike and they want him to join them. He will

59. His best friend confronts him in front of every one and accuses him of instigating his girlfriend against him. He will
  60.      He has gone on cycle expedition with six persons but two cycles have got punctured on a deserted / isolated patch. He will....

About Dr (Cdr) NK Natarajan

  Is SSB coaching compulsory to passDr (Cdr) NK Natarajan is a retired Indian Navy officer who has worked at 33 Services Selection Board Bhopal as GTO.    Post retirement he has written SSB Interview - Complete Guide book published by Arihant publishers which is the best selling book on SSB interview.    Also Cdr NK Natarajan has founded a unique methodology to provide SSB training at his SSB Gurukul.

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