Electrical and Electronics EKT question paper of AFCAT 2 2014

Looking for Electrical and Electronics EKT question paper asked in AFCAT 2 2014 exam? Check out question paper of Electrical and Electronics engineering stream EKT here.

EKT Electronics and Electrical Question paper of AFCAT 2 2014

EKT AFCAT 2 2014 questions

There are total 50 questions asked in Engineering Knowledge Test of AFCAT 2 2014 examination. Each question carries 3 marks. Wrong answer will cost one mark.

Q1, When both inputs of NAND gate are same the operation is
(a) AND (b) NAND (c) NOT (d) NOR

Q2. Two bulbs when connected in parallel to a source take 100 W each. The total power consumed when they are connected in series with the same source is
(a) 200 W (b) 25 W (c) 100W (d) 50 W

Q3. In 8085 microprocessor is the highest priority interrupt
(a) trap (b) RST5.5 (c) RST (d) INTR

Q4. In digital Electronics a byte is a collection of
(a) 4 bits (b) 8 bits (c) 2 bits (d) 10 bits

Q5. A Zener diode is generally operated
(a) in a forward biased mode
(b) in a reverse biased mode
(c) with a very large value of n
(d)    all of the above
Q6. In an AC circuit, resonance occurs when
(a) resistance equals reactive reactance
(b) capacitive reactance equals resistance
(c) capacitive reactance equals reactive reactance
(d) resistance equals capacitive and reactive reactance 
Q7, The sampling rate to reproduce analog signal should beat least
(a) twice the average signal frequency component
(b) twice the fixed frequency component
(c) twice the least signal frequency component
(d) twice the maximum signal frequency component 
Q8. Which semiconductor device acts like a diode & resistor
(a) SCR (b) UJT (c) DIAC (d) TRIAC
Q9. The basic Ethernet design does not provide
(a) automatic retransmission of a message
(b) addressing
(c) access control
(d) multiple virtual networks
Q10. Which of the following TCP/IP protocol is used to monitor IP gateways and the networks to which they attach?
(a) SGMP (b) SUMP (c) FTP (d) Both (a) and (b) 
Q11. Which is not amplifier in control system
(a) Amplidyne (b) Metadyne
(c) DC motor (d) DC generator
Q12. Which of the following is incorrect
(a) Routh's criterion is in time domain
(b) Bode plot is in frequency domain
(c) Nyquest criterion is in time domain
(d) none of the above
Q13. Pulse communication system that is inherently highly immune to noise is 
(a) PCM (b) PWM (c) PAM (d) PPM
Q14. In a transfer function, the frequencies for which the value of denominator becomes zero are called
(a) Poles (b) Zeros (c) Roots (d) Solutions 
Q15. A semiconductor photo device uses 
(a) photo emissive effect (b)
(c) photo voltaic effect (d)
Q16. The adaptive delta modulation avoids 
(a) quantization error (b) Slope overload error
(c) both(a) and (b) (d) none
Q17. The capacitance between two long parallel conduction depends upon 
(a) diameter of wires (b) distance between wires
(c) both A and B (d) none of the above
Q18. Indicate which of the following pulse modulation scheme is analog 
(a) PCM (b) Differential PCM
(c) Delta modulation (d) PWM
Q19. Transfer function of a system is used to calculate
(a) the output for a given input  (b) the time constant
(c) the order of the system        (d) the steady state gain
Q20. In MKS system , pressure is measured in
(a) Dynes cm2 (b) dynes / cm2
(c) Newton / m2 (d)gmwt / cm2
Q21. Which of the projections shows an object as it looks from front, right, left, top, bottom Ci back
(a) oblique projection (b) auxiliary projection
(c) isometric projection (d) orthographic projection
Q22. One of the following cannot be used to remove the unwanted sideband in SSB
(a) filter system (b) balanced modulator
(c) third method (d) phase shift method
Q23. A bag contains 4 white, 5 red and 6 blue balls. Three balls are drawn at random from the bag. The probability that all of them are red, is:
(a) 2/91 (b) 3/22 (c) 1/22 (d) 2/77
Q24. For which operation of a DC motor is generally preferred over an AC motor
(a) low speed operation (b) high sped operation
(c) fixed speed operation (d) variable speed operation
Q25. Formation of rainbow is due to the phenomenon of
(a) dispersion and total internal reflection
(b) dispersion
(c) dispersion and reflection
(d) light reflection
Q26. In an FM signal, there are
(a) no sidebands
(b) Infinite number of side bands
(c) two side bands upper and lower
(d) none of these
Q27. The efficiency of the transformer is maximum at
(a) when copper loss is equal to iron loss (b) half load
(c) 90 % load (d) full load
Q28. If both inputs of J-K Flip flop are same then it acts as
(a) D-Type (b) SR FF
(c) T-Type (d) Both (a) and (b)
Q29. In nuclear reactions we have conservation of
(a) mass only (b) energy only
(c) momentum only (d) mass, energy & momentum
Q30. A dc series motor
(a) always runs at constant speed
(b) should always be started on load
(c) not suitable for high starting torque
(d) may run always if the field becomes one
Q31. Fibre optic cable of network forms part of which layer in OSI model
(a) physical (b) network
(c) data link (d) transport
Q32. In a DC generator, the generated emf is directly proportional to the
(a) number of dummy coils
(b) number of armature parallel paths
(c) pole flux
(d) field current 
Q33. _______ is used in reading a CD
(a) LASER     (b) MESER
(c) Neon light  (D) all of these
Q34. The value of log10x2-log10x at x=10 is
(a) 4 (b) 2 (c) 0   (d) 1
Q35. Which of the following is an advantage to using fiber optics data transmission?
(a) resistance to data theft (b) fast data transmission rate
(c) low noise level (d) all of the above
Q36. A spot frequency from a signal can be rejected by
(a) low pass filter (b) band pass filter
(c) notch filter (d) band reject filter
Q37. Which one of the following transducers is used to obtain dc output position in a position control system (a) strain gauge (b) load cell
(c) thermistor (d) synchro
Q38. Copper losses and core losses are 
(a) generator losses (b) transformer losses
(c) motor losses (d) all of the above
Q39. Pure semiconductors are poor conductors because
(a) all valence electrons are in pairs
(b) they have no holes
(c) they have no valence electron
(d) they have a number of holes 
Q40. An ideal Current source has
(a) infinite internal resistance (b) small internal resistance
(c) zero internal resistance (d) none of the above
Q41. A rectangular box with square base is open at the top. The maximum volume of the box made from 1200 m2 tin is
(a) 2000m3 (b) 3000m3
(c) 4000m3 (d) none of the above
Q42. Microwave link repeaters are typically 50Km apart because of
(a) atmospheric attenuation (b) earth's curvature
(c) output tube power limitation (d) both (a) and (b)
Q43. Backlash in a stable control system may cause
(a) high level oscillations (b) overdamping
(c) underdamping (d) low level oscillations
Q44. The value of i. (j x k ) + j.( i x k ) + k.( i x j) is equal to
(a) -1 (b) -3 (c) 1 (d) 3
Q45. The Zener diode is sometimes called :
(a) current regulator diode (b) voltage regulator diode
(c) constant voltage diode (d) constant Current diode
Q46. Inductance of coil is directly proportional to square of
(a) thickness of wire
(b) spacing between adjacent turns
(c) number and spacing between adjacent turns
(d) number of turns
Q47. A function which completes a pattern within a measurable time frame and repeats that pattern over identical subsequent time frames is called 
(a) continuous function (b) cyclic function
(c) periodic function (d) recurrent function
Q48. Laplace transform of 314 is
(a) f (b) 7 (c) £
Q49. The characteristic impedance of free space is 
(a) 397 Ohms (b) 367 Ohms
(c) 387 Ohms (d) 377 Ohms
Q50. The insulation resistance of cable, 1Km long is 1 mega ohms. Insulation resistance for 2 m is
(a) 0.002 M Ohms   (b) 0.5 M Ohms  (c) 1M Ohms  (d) 5 M Ohms
So here were the fifty questions asked in Electrical and Electronics EKT question paper of AFCAT 2 2014.
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