Defence Current Affairs: Recent Defence Agreements Between India and Other Countries

Check out recent defence agreements between India and other countries here. Also read to know about latest purchases and agreements of Indian Air Force, Navy and Army here.

Since the inception of current Modi Government, India has taken a leap in the defence sector with the Indian defence forces undertaking joint exercises frequently. It is in this government that the 7th CPC was recommended for the serving defence personnel and OROP was implemented. Apart from all these, India has also signed many defence agreements and Memorandum of Understandings (MoU) with friendly foreign countries.

The 21 defence agreements/MoUs signed since 2014, sorted by country name alphabetically, are as follows:

These defence current affairs are important from the point of view of written exams. Hence it is recommended that you remember these by heart.

21 Key Defence Agreements

  1. Bangladesh: India signed a MoU between the Coast Guards for Establishment of Collaborative Relationship to Combat Transnational illegal activities at sea and Develop Regional Cooperation.
  2. Botswana: A MoU on secondment of Indian Armed Forces Personnel to the Botswana Defence Forces was signed.
  3. France: A long pending MoU on the Purchase of Rafale between India and France was signed in the past 4 years.
  4. Japan: India signed three agreements with Japan on Mr Modi’s recent visit. They are:
  • Agreement concerning Security measures for the protection of classified Military Information.
  • Agreement concerning Transfer of Defence Equipment and Technology.
  • MoU on Defence Cooperation and Exchanges between India and Japan.
  1. Kazakhstan: Agreement on Defence and Military Technical Cooperation.
  2. Kenya: MoU on Cooperation in the field of Defence Cooperation.
  3. Kyrgyzstan: Agreement on Defence Cooperation.
  4. Oman: A total of four agreements were signed between India and Oman as follows
  • MoU on Military Cooperation.
  • A protocol between the Air Forces on Flight Safety Information Exchange.
  • MoU between the Coast Guards in the field of Marine Crime Prevention at Sea.
  • MoU to cooperate on Maritime Issues.
  1. Portugal: MoU on Defence Cooperation.
  2. RoK (South Korea): Agreement on the Protection of Classified Military Information.
  3. Russia: India signed most number of agreements with Russia, totalling up to 5
  • Agreement for Training of Indian Armed Force Personnel in Military Training Establishment of the Defence Ministry of the Russian Federation
  • Agreement on cooperation in Aircraft Flight Safety.
  • Agreement on Cooperation in the Field of Helicopter Engineering.
  • Agreement on the supply of S-400 Triumph Air Defence Missile Systems to the Republic of India.
  • Agreement for Construction of follow-on Ships of Project 11356 in Russia and in India.
  1. Saudi Arabia: MoU on Defence Cooperation.
  2. Seychelles: Two agreements were signed between India and Seychelles:
  • MoU for cooperation in the field of Hydrography.
  • Protocol on Sale of Navigational Charts/Electronic Navigational Charts.
  1. Singapore: Agreement concerning Defence Cooperation.
  2. Spain: Agreement on Protection of Classified Information.
  3. Sudan: Memorandum on Defence Cooperation and Exchanges.
  4. Tanzania: MoU on cooperation in the field of Hydrography.
  5. Turkmenistan: Agreement on cooperation in the field of defence.
  6. UAE: Two agreements were signed between India and UAE:
  • MoU concerning the Mutual Protection of Classified Information.
  • MoU on cooperation in the field of Defence Industry.
  1. US: With the US, India renewed one agreement while signed the LEMOA.
  • The New Frame Work Agreement for the India- US Defence Relationship (Renewed).
  • LEMOA- Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement
  1. Vietnam: Two agreements were signed between India and Vietnam:
  • MoU between Indian Coast Guard and Vietnam Coast Guard for an establishment of Collaborative Relationship to Combat Transnational Crime and Develop Mutual Cooperation.
  • MoU on Programme of Cooperation between the Vietnam People’s Air Force and Air Defence and IAF.

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