10 Things You Must Not Do After AFCAT exam

Written by Ashis Dubey on Aug 30, 2016

Check out 10 things you must not do after AFCAT exam. Now AFCAT exam is over and you must move forward. Read on to know about top ten do not's after AFCAT written exam to crack SSB interview.

After SSb Interview Tips.in team listed out must do things after AFCAT exam, I am here to guide aspirants with what not to do after giving AFCAT written exam.

What not to do after AFCAT exam to crack SSB

Air Force Common Admission Test i.e., AFCAT exam is an entrance test to qualify for SSB interview. Main aspect of becoming an officer is linked to passing SSB interview and not AFCAT exam. On contrary most of the aspirants focus more on AFCAT exam and forget to prepare for SSB interview. So we have brought top ten things that you must not do after writing AFCAT exam.

#10 Don't worry about AFCAT cut off

After AFCAT exam is over it is noticed that most of the candidates frantically search for expected cut off for AFCAT exam. Many spend hours and hours to check out websites that list out the expected AFCAT cut off marks. But the fact is 90% of these websites do not do any research while publishing the cut off marks. Just post any range of marks and candidates will read it as if the cut off is being listed by Indian Air Force itself. So don't waste your precious time to check the cut off. Generally cut off is set to select average performers. So you know whether you are going to score low or high.

So don't look websites for AFCAT cut off marks - You will end up with false information and loosing valuable time.

#9 Don't worry about AFCAT score that you are going to get either

Not worrying for expected AFCAT marks is also very important. Now the AFCAT exam is over and your performance is held with the IAF's evaluation team. Whatever is written is written and by worrying about the score, you will get upset unnecessarily. Keep it in mind that if you know that you will be able to score anywhere around 120 marks, it is enough to qualify for SSB interview. You have many things to do rather than wasting time on thinking about the marks. Anyway, you are getting your marks within a month or so. Instead, try putting efforts on your academics or pending jobs due to your preparation time for AFCAT exam.

IAF will publish AFCAT marks - So don't worry.

#8 Do not stop preparing for next AFCAT exam

Yes! Simply don't stop preparing for next AFCAT exam. You might be now getting angry by reading this. But just think one more time before scolding me. In AFCAT preparation what you have been studying? Reasoning, Current Affairs, General Knowledge and English. All of these elements of AFCAT preparation will help you in SSB interview also. And in case if you just miss out to qualify for SSB, next AFCAT will be held within six months. So never stop preparing for competitive exams just because you are sure to crack AFCAT exam.

Don't stop studying - Else SSB will punish you!

#7 Don't neglect studies (Especially final year students)

Golden rule of success for future career is never neglect studies. Academics are very important for one's bright future. For final year students, this should be the commandment. I have seen many youngsters who neglected their academics for preparing for other competitive exams and ended up with lower percentages in their graduation. In few cases some of the recommended candidates in SSB interview could not join as they just could not score the percentage mentioned in the notification. So after AFCAT exam is over, do not neglect academics.

Strong academic percentage will always keep you ahead of others.

#6 Do not stop updating yourself on current affairs

If you want to crack SSB interview after passing AFCAT, you must be thorough with current affairs and social issues going around you in day to day life. Current affairs will keep you in leading position during all five days of SSB interview. If you stop updating current affairs knowledge, then you will end up as a follower where other candidate will lead through his up to date knowledge. So don't stop updating yourself on current affairs till you crack SSB interview. Of course, afterwards also current affairs will help you in your career.

SSB Selection Board officers love candidates with strong current affairs

#5 Don't take SSB interview easily

Yes! passing SSB interview is not a joke. You will understand this when you appear for the interview. Many candidates cry at the interview as they didn't came prepared for it. Now after AFCAT exam, your aim should be to crack SSB interview. Do prepare seriously for upcoming SSB interview right from today. Know about SSB interview tests, take online SSB tests and study with more determination. Two to four months hard work can transform your life into a new challenging life working in IAF playing with fighter jets.

Never underestimate SSB interview or else SSB board will low your esteem in the final results.

#4 Strict no to a thought - I'll give SSB in Hindi

Most of the SSB aspirants keep on asking this question - "Can I speak in Hindi during SSB interview tests like Group Discussion and Lecturette?". As per SSB board, it is absolutely OK to speak in Hindi and express your views in any of the tests. But remember that when the whole group is speaking and communicating in English, you will feel out of the group and eventually end up loosing the league. Even after getting recommended by the selection board, you will need to excel in English in both ways i.e., writing and speaking. So why not to improve English skills from now on. Having good spoken English skills is a must for all who want to achieve bigger goals.

Hindi English or Hinglish? - Decide now.

#3 Don't keep any doubt to yourself about SSB interview

After reading about SSB interview in books or on the web, sometimes you will still be left with unanswered questions. If you have any questions related to SSB interview, discuss them in SSB discussion forum where you will get help from experienced experts and fellow aspirants. Let it be a silly doubt, ask it and clear the doubt before appearing for SSB interview. Sometimes silly doubts lead to silly mistakes and serious consequences. So keep no stone unturned.

Have a doubt? Ask it and get it cleared.

#2 Don't go for SSB coaching without preparing current affairs and group discussion topics

This is one of the most important points to be taken note of. First be thorough with SSB group discussion topics and current affairs before attending SSB coaching. During the SSB coaching schedule, you practice all SSB tests at the coaching premises along with fellow aspirants. To boost your confidence it is strongly recommended that you first excel in current affairs and GDs. Also have a thorough idea about various tests conducted at SSB. Once you have done your homework, you will be able to follow instructors carefully and surely crack the SSB interview.

Once again - SSB loves candidates with strong current affairs and social awareness.

#1 Don't lose focus

Loosing focus is the topmost point of our list of Don't after AFCAT exam. Many candidates lose their focus and tend to relax after AFCAT exam. But this is the crucial time when you have to gear up for the SSB interview. If you lose focus and determination at this juncture, it is difficult to crack the SSB. Winners never relax till they achieve their aim. So decide your aim - is it AFCAT or SSB? If your only aim is to crack AFCAT, then you can relax and not follow any of our suggestions. But if you are aiming for success in SSB interview, then this is like pre Olympics preparation. Go on and work harder from now to achieve your target.

Loosing focus after AFCAT exam may lead to losing a pilot job in Indian Air Force.

So all the best folks and don't forget to express your views through comments.

By : Ayan Mukherjee       Member Level : Bronze      Commented On : 30 Aug 2016       Points : 2      

Hi Neha,

Thanks for your update. It will give me the energy to carry the SSB preparation as I have already started and try to follow your points. Can you tell me the approx cut off for this year AFCAT 2 2016? This will help us a lot.

By : Neha       Member Level : Silver      Commented On : 30 Aug 2016       Points : 2      

Dear Ayan Mukherjee,
you will definitely make it to SSB with 145 + 10 or -10 score in AFCAT 2 2016 exam.

So don't worry and kick start SSB preparation as mentioned by me.

All the best for upcoming SSB.

By : Poorva       Member Level : Bronze      Commented On : 30 Aug 2016       Points : 2      

Nice article dear Neha.
At this point many websites are busy with displaying cut off marks, answer key and also recently gone viral news about AFCAT 2 2016 question paper leak. I have appeared for AFCAT exam and I will follow points listed by you for success in SSB interview.
Thanks a lot.

By : Ayan Mukherjee       Member Level : Bronze      Commented On : 30 Aug 2016       Points : 2      

Hi, I have appeared for AFCAT 2 2016. I have estimated the marks as 145(+10 or -10). Is it ok to qualify for the SSB? As you say, I never think about this. I always want to update myself through the current affairs. But I have little bit of confusion regarding this. Can you clarify?

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