AFCAT 1/2013 SSB interview dates

Shortlisted in AFCAT 01/2013 exam and looking for SSB interview dates? Indian Air Force has published complete schedule of AFCAT SSB interviews. Check out SSB interview dates of AFCAT 01/2013.

Indian Air Force released AFCAT 01/2013 notification on 9 December 2012. Through AFCAT exam, IAF will recruit more than hundred candidates for officer posts in its Flying, Technical and Administrative branches. Course will commence in January 2014.    AFCAT exam was held on 24 February 2013 and results of AFCAT 01/2013 were announced on 20 March 2013. More than ten thousand candidates made it in the list of shortlisted candidates for SSB interviews.   Candidates were allowed to choose place and date of SSB interviews. Almost 60 percent of shortlisted candidates were successfully able to select their SSB interview place and date.    Indian Air Force's Services Selection Boards 1 AFSB, 2 AFSB, 3 AFSB and 4 AFSB will conduct interviews to select candidates for officer posts.    SSB interviews will be held up to 23 September 2013. IAF has released complete list of SSB interview schedule.   Check out AFCAT 01/2013 SSB interview dates.

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