Is AFCAT exam same as NDA NA exam and CDSE of UPSC?

Written by Ashis Dubey on Sep 17, 2013

Wondering whether AFCAT exam is same as NDA & NA exam and CDSE exam conducted by UPSC? Check out the differences between AFCAT and UPSC entrance exams for becoming officers in IAF.

Have you ever wondered whether AFCAT, NDA, CDSE exams are same or there is any difference? All exams serve a single purpose. To know exactly the difference, one must know what is AFCAT. AFCAT exam is held by Indian Air Force to recruit candidates for officer posts. Similarly, UPSC conducts NDA & NA exam and CDS exam to recruit candidates for officers in defence forces including IAF.

Though purpose of all exams is same, AFCAT exam is not at all same as NDA & NA examination and Combined Defence Services Examination of UPSC. Both NDA & NA exam and CDS exams are held by UPSC of India to recruit officers in Indian Air Force for flying branch i.e., as pilots only. Apart from flying branch, there are many other branches in Indian Air Force. For these branches like administrative, technical and meteorological branches, IAF conducts Air Force Common Admission Test.

Thus, AFCAT exam is quite different from other defence entrance exams. AFCAT is exclusive for IAF. Whereas, NDA & NA exam and CDS Exams are for all armed forces such as Indian Army, Navy and IAF.

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