Which is important in PPDT - story or group discussion performance?

Written by Ashis Dubey on Sep 15, 2013

Have you appeared in SSB interviews and want to know how psychologist selects a candidate during screening phase. Check out how a candidate is screened-in in SSB interviews and tips to crack PPDT.

Want to know whether story is important or participation in group discussion important in PPDT test of SSB interview? 

Name of the candidate : Anshu Patel

Query regrading PPDT exam assessment and selection procedure of screening in.
Hello, I had recently faced Indian Air Force AFSB interview.On first day, in PPDT, I failed even though my story was based on child education and I had even spoken twice. But the main problem I am facing is how to tackle the clash of other companion voices in GD and bring myself completely distinct voice. Not understanding that story matters or our GD performance, though I did from my side good.   SSB interview selection procedure and selection criteria is most sought by all aspirants. Even till now very less candidates are able to realise mistakes committed by them during SSB. Most of the candidates think that they have done an excellent job but still they got rejected by the board officers. Many of rejected candidates think that only luck matters in SSB interviews. But there is definitely a fail proof mechanism involved in the selection procedure so that correct person is recommended by SSB interview board for the post of officers.

Coming to Picture Perception and Description Test i.e., PPDT, many candidates who are not screened in on the first day of SSB interview will wonder why they are not among the selected candidates. Some candidates are not recommended even though they have performed well. Well, the answer is simply screened out candidates do not meet the requirements of SSB interviewing officers. Many Officers Like Qualities are checked by the interviewing officers.

Story and group discussion parts of PPDT are very helpful to psychologists for verifying whether a candidate have some qualities in them or not. Based on their considerations and interpretation of your personality, you will get screened in or screened out of SSB interview.

Story written by a candidate reveals the candidate's creative vision and attitude. And group discussion will reveal self confidence level, knowledge and other leadership qualities in a candidate. Thus, we cannot just tell that writing a good story will be enough for passing screening phase of SSB interview. Similarly, one cannot get screened in by performing well in group discussion itself.

Thus, story writing and participating in group discussions in SSB interviews are equally important in order to get selected for second stage of testing.

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