AFCAT 2 2017 Question Paper [Evening Shift]

Written by Ashis Dubey on Aug 29, 2017

Looking for evening shift AFCAT 2 2017 question paper? Check out second shift and evening shift question paper of AFCAT exam held on 27th August 2017 here.

AFCAT 2 2017 Questiona and Answers

AFCAT 2 2017 exam question paper of evening shift

This time, Indian Air Force had compiled two separate sets of AFCAT question paper. One was given for aspirants who had appeared in the first shift that is morning shift and the other set of AFCAT question paper was given to second shift / evening shift candidates.

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We have published questions asked in the morning shift of AFCAT exam. Also we have provided answer key to the questions.

Now here are AFCAT 2 2017 evening shift question paper along with answers. Following questions of AFCAT exam are purely based on memory of our readers. So let us see the questions asked in the AFCAT exam.

English questions of AFCAT 2 2017 evening shift exam

English questions of AFCAT 2 2017 evening shift question paper are yet to be compiled.

AFCAT 2 2017 question paper GK and Current Affairs questions

Q.1 Where is Lothal city located?

Ans. Lothal city is located in Gujarat state of India.

Q.2 Where is the UNESCO headquarters?

Ans. UNESCO headquarters is located in Paris.

Q.3 Jeev Milka Singh is player of which game?

Ans. Jeev Milka Singh is a famous golf player.

Q.4 Which cricketer has won the ICC cricketer of year 2016?

Ans. Virat Kohli was awarded the ICC cricketer of year.

Q.5 Who is the present Women cricket ambassador?

Ans. Sachin Tendulakr is presently holding the position of Women cricket ambassador.

Q.6 Who was not a president of INC?

Ans. Out of the options provided in AFCAT 2 2017 evening shift question paper, Aruna Asaf Ali was the only person who was not appointed as the INC president.

Q.7 Razia Begum belongs to which dynasty?

Ans. Razia Begum belongs to Slave Dynasty.

Q.8 After which incident, Gandhi stopped non cooperation movement?

Ans. After Chauri Chaura incident, Gandhiji has stopped the Non Co-operation Movement.

Q.9 Pampas

Ans. South America

Q.10 Which of the following disease is not spread by virus?

Ans. Out of the options provided in AFCAT exam question paper, Malaria is not spread by virus.

Q.11  Terms Cue and Cannon are related to which game?

Ans. Both the terms Cue and Cannon are used in Billiards.

Q.12 Sahyadri are also called as ?

Ans. Sahyadris are also called as Western Ghats.

Q.13 The book Animal Farm is written by which author?

Ans. George Orwell is the author of book Animal Farm.

Q.14 How many players play in a basketball team?

Ans. 5 players play as a team in basket ball game.

Q.15 Tehri dam is constructed on which dam?

Ans. Tehri dam is built on the river Bhagirathi.

Q.16 Srattya Nrithyam dance belongs to which state?

Ans. Assam.

Q.17 Which aircraft carrier was decommissioned recently?

Ans. INS Vikrant was recently decommissioned by Indian Navy.

Q.18 Which movie was adjudged as the best movie in Oscar awards 2017?

Ans. Moon Light got the best movie award in the Oscars.

Q.19 For which game did Bishweshwar Nandi got the prestigious Dronacharya award?

Ans. Bishweshwar Nandi was the coach of gymnast Deepa Karmakar who missed an Olympic medal at the brink of eye.

Q.20 Michael Ferreira is a player of which game?

Ans. Michael Ferreira is a billiards player.

Q.21 What is the latitude of Tropic Capricorn?

Ans. 23.437 SE

Q.22 Where is Bandipur national park situated?

Ans. Bandipur national park is in Karnataka.

AFCAT 2 2017 verbal and non verbal reasoning questions of evening shift

Though the exact questions related to verbal reasoning are not available, here is the breakup of AFCAT 2 2017 reasoning questions.

Time and work 2Q
Ratio and proportion-3Q
%- 2Q
Profit and loss 2Q
Speed and Distance-2Q
Boats and stream 2Q

So here were the updated AFCAT 2 2017 questions and answers. If you have any questions to add, please do write them in the comments box.

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