How to apply for AFCAT online

Written by Ashis Dubey on Dec 11, 2012

Want to know how to apply for AFCAT entrance exam online? Check out complete procedure of registering online for applying AFCAT exam through step by step screenshots.

How to apply for AFCAT exam

Step by step AFCAT online application filling up process

Indian Air Force is accepting only through online for AFCAT exam. 

how to apply and fill up AFCAT online application form

Indian Air Force conducts AFCAT entrance exam twice in a year. IAF is accepting only online applications for AFCAT entrance exam. Thus, there is no provision of applying for AFCAT through offline aplications i.e., AFCAT candidates cannot submit hard copy of the application as of now. Recently, IAF has released notification for AFCAT 01 / 2013. So let us see how to fill up the online AFCAT application and register for AFCAT exam online. 

Step - 1 : Login to official website of IAF i.e., careerairforce.nic.in

Open your internet browser such as Internet explorer or Mozilla or Google Chrome and type careerairforce.nic.in. Careerairforce.nic.in is the official website of Indian Air Force. Following home page of IAF official website will appear.


Step - 2 : Click on Candidate Login link

Under the Recent Updates section of official Indian Air Force website, you will find the link named as "CANDIDATE LOGIN". Click on the Candidate Login link to register for AFCAT exam online.   
You will see the following screen which is the official page of online AFCAT registration.

Step - 3 : Click on New Candidate link

After the User Login page of IAF appears, click on "New Candidate" link to proceed registering for AFCAT online. You will be redirected to the following page of AFCAT candidate registration.

In the Candidate Registration page, you need to enter name as per the matriculation certificate in the name field. Re type your name in Confirm your name. Select gender as Male or Female as applicable. Select Date of Birth. Type your Email, mobile number. Phone number i.e., Land line number is optional. Enter the verification code shown in the box and click on Submit link to create your user id of online AFCAT registration.

Following screen of AFCAT application form will be displayed saying that the userid and password are sent to your email id.

If you are able to reach this AFCAT application form page, then it means you have successfully created a Login ID and password for you to register yourself for the AFCAT entrance exam.

Step - 4 : Go to Email Inbox and get User Id and Password

Logon to your email id. You will be able to see an e mail sent by IAF authorities through their official mail id i.e., afcatcell@nic.in. Open the mail and you will find AFCAT candidate user id and password as shown in the below photo.

Step - 5 : Keep your academic marks sheets, original degree certificates and Passport size photograph

Before proceeding further to register yourself for AFCAT online, keep all your academic certificates with you. You will need a passport size photograph in the computer or laptop through which you are registering yourself for AFCAT exam.

Step - 6 : Login to careerairforce.nic.in and then to candidate login page.

Go to official website website of IAF i.e., careerairforce.nic.in. Following screen will appear. Click on Candidate Login link to go to AFCAT candidate login page.

Step - 7 : Login with AFCAT Login ID and password

When you click on "Candidate Login" and the following AFCAT candidate user login page will appear.

Enter user name and password you have received from AFCAT email. Provide the security code shown in the image and click on "Login" button to proceed. Following screen of online AFCAT registration form will appear.

Step - 8 : Fill up and submit AFCAT registration Application part 2

Once you have logged in to online registration form of AFCAT exam, click on "Application Part 2" link to fill up the required details. After clicking on "Application Part 2" link, you will get the following screen.

Here following academic details have to be entered by AFCAT candidates.

  Educational Level - There are total six educational level options available as shown here. Select appropriate option as applicable to the candidate.
                Select Qualifying Exam - After selecting the Educational Level, you need to select Qualifying Education. Choosing educational qualification for AFCAT registration is little bit tricky. We have provided all options with explanation so that AFCAT candidates shall not face any problems while registering for AFCAT online.

  • For AMIE / ASI engineering graduates - If the candidate has cleared Section A and Section B from AMIE / ASI then he needs to select the option "Engineering Equivalent F" as shown below.

  • For IETE engineering students - IETE engineering graduates should select "Engineering Equivalent G" option as shown here. Engineering Equivalent G option can also be selected from AMIE / ASI engineering graduates. 


  • For B.E. / B Tech Mechanical Engineering graduates - All B.E. and B tech engineering graduates who have done their graduation in Mechanical stream, should select "Graduate Option A" as shown below.


  •  For B.E. / B Tech Electrical and Electronics graduates - B.E. and B tech graduates of Electronics or Electrical engineering stream should choose "Graduate Option B".


  • For B Com graduates - B Com graduates have to choose "Graduate Option C".


  • For LLB graduates - LLB graduates should select "Graduate Option D".


  • For B Sc, BA graduates and others with equivalent graduate degrees - For B Sc, BA and other equivalent graduates, there is an option "Graduate Option E".


  • For post graduates such as ME / M Tech / M Com / CA / ICWA / LLB / M Ed / M phil - Post graduates who want to apply for AFCAT exam shall select the options as given here.

  After selecting the qualifying education, you need to fill up the following details.     Exact Qualification (Graduation) - Type the qualification mentioned in the graduation or post graduation certificate.   Fill up the other details which are self explanatory. After filling up all the details recheck all filled up data once more to make sure that you have filled up accurate academic information. Click on "Continue to Part 3" link to proceed with AFCAT registration. A window will pop up saying that if you modify the data provided in AFCAT online registration Application Form part 2, then candidate need to resubmit all other parts of the form. Click on "Ok" button to proceed with AFCAT registration.    

Step - 9 : Fill up AFCAT online registration Application Form Part 3 

After successfully submitting AFCAT Application Form part 2, candidate will see the following Application Part 3 as shown below.     In the Application Form Part 3, AFCAT candidate have to select the subjects which he has studied in his graduation / post graduation.    After choosing the subjects, select PABT status. PABT stands for Pilot Aptitude Battery Test and PABT is conducted by IAF for checking whether candidates are fit for flying branch of IAF in order to become pilot or not. So provide passed / failed / Not appeared as applicable to you with regard to PABT.   If the candidate has NCC Air Wing C certificate, select Yes option. Similarly, candidates who have valid Commercial Pilot License i.e., CPL, should select Yes option.    For serving airmen - If you are serving airman, then select Yes option under "Are you a serving airmen?". Serving airmen means the persons who are working in Indian Air Force as airmen. If you are a serving airman, you need to fill up Service Number, Rank, Trade and Unit.     After filling up all the details in AFCAT online registration Application Form Part 3, click on "Continue to Part 4" button to proceed with AFCAT registration.  

Step - 10 : Fill up AFCAT online registration Application Form Part 4

After submitting the Application Form Part 3, you will be redirected to part 4 of AFCAT registration form. Here, you have to select preference of course. And also you have to select AFCAT centre options. Then candidates need to choose AFSB Choice. Air Force Selection Board or AFSB is responsible for conducting SSB interviews. Click on "Continue to part 5" button to proceed.    

Step - 11 : Fill up Application Form Part 5 of AFCAT

Fill up the required details required in AFCAT online registration Application Form Part 5 as shown in the following screen. Candidates need to upload their pass port size photograph. Click on "Save and Preview Application" button to proceed registering yourself for AFCAT exam.        Click on "Save & Preview Application" button to submit the application for AFCAT entrance exam. A popup will appear and ask your confirmation to submit the form. Once you click on "Ok" button, your online AFCAT entrance exam registration will be successful.    AFCAT candidates need not to submit any further hard copy of AFCAT application form. So congratulations. You have learnt how to register for AFCAT exam online. If you are facing any problems, feel free to ask them in comments.

By : vignesh       Member Level :       Commented On : 16 Jun 2017       Points : 0      

what is the difference between 10+2 [+] graduation and diploma [+] graduation

By : Ashish       Member Level :       Commented On : 13 Jun 2017       Points : 0      

I wrongly entered the educational qualification. Can I resubmit application with different email id

By : NIKHIL BHONDALE       Member Level :       Commented On : 13 Jun 2017       Points : 0      


By : Ashis Dubey       Member Level : Platinum      Commented On : 07 Dec 2016       Points : 2      

Important notice to all. Your passport size photo which you want to upload in AFCAT application form must have .jpg or .jpeg extension. If you save it as .JPG or .JPEG then it will not be accepted.

By : Ashis Dubey       Member Level : Platinum      Commented On : 30 Jun 2016       Points : 2      

Are you uploading photo in JPEG format while submitting the application for AFCAT registration.

By : abhijeet patil       Member Level : Bronze      Commented On : 30 Jun 2016       Points : 2      

I have tried as per the specifications mentioned in that article but also it is not working. It Showing internal error

By : Neha       Member Level : Silver      Commented On : 30 Jun 2016       Points : 2      

Check out http://www.ssbinterviewtips.in/2012/12/how-to-resize-passport-size-photo-for.html

By : Neha       Member Level : Silver      Commented On : 30 Jun 2016       Points : 2      

Dear Abhijeet please check our article on how to resize passport size photo for AFCAT.

By : abhijeet patil       Member Level : Bronze      Commented On : 29 Jun 2016       Points : 2      

I m facing problem regarding uploading photograph. What should be the size of the photograph? I tried with 38kb size but it is not working.

By : Ashis Dubey       Member Level : Platinum      Commented On : 29 Jun 2016       Points : 2      

Absolutely. One should not wait for the last moment to apply. AFCAT online application process is very easy but if you have made any mistake then it takes lot of time to figure out what went wrong. If you are facing any issues please do let us know and we will help you out.

By : Neha       Member Level : Silver      Commented On : 28 Jun 2016       Points : 2      

Dear friends please fill up the online application form of AFCAT exam soon. If you wait for last date to apply then you will face many problems. Most common issue you will face is server time out.

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