42 SSC Tech SSB interview dates

Have you applied for Indian Army SSC Tech 42 course and looking for SSB interview dates? Bhopal, Bangalore and Allahabad SSB boards will be holding interviews. Check out SSB interview dates of SSC Tech 42 course here.

Army has invited applications for 42 SSC Tech course from eligible candidates. All selected candidates will become technical officers in Indian Army and work for the nation. Initially Indian Army has published its first list of SSB center allotment list of SSC Tech 42 course. In the first list, cut off marks was set as 64%.

Later Army has published second list of SSC Tech 42 shortlisted candidates. In the second list, cut off was lowered to 62% from 64%. Approximately 18000 candidates were additionally shortlisted as per the second list.

Here, we have provided SSB dates of 42 SSC Tech course.

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