Best tips to avoid underweight problem in SSB medical examination

Written by Ashis Dubey on Jan 26, 2014

Are you underweight and want to know how to pass medical examination after passing SSB interview? Here are few best tips to overcome underweight problem during SSB medical test.

Tips to avoid underweight and pass SSB medical exam

Medical examination after SSB interview is also tough like SSB interview. Height and weight medical standards are laid down by SSB medical boards. Candidates whose weight is lesser than the specified standard is said as underweight and will be declared as temporary unfit.

Temporary unfit candidates need to reappear before the medical examination board within 42 days and should be able to prove their fitness. Becoming unfit may not be a wise thing after clearing many hurdles of SSB interview.

Few medical conditions may be overcome temporarily by taking few precautions by the candidates. One of the biggest reason for temporary unfit is underweight.

Candidates who fall into underweight category may temporarily gain some weight by following the below tips.

First of all eat bananas as much as you can after getting recommended in the SSB interview. Eating bananas will help you in gaining weight instantly. As medical examination will not make you to do any tough exercise or task, eat as many bananas as possible. But don't eat excess as you may find other problems.

But the major issue comes during medical examination is no one knows when will be the weight measured. So eating bananas will help you out in some way. But there is other golden way to put on some weight temporarily. Drinking water is the most helpful factor while hiding the underweight medical condition. And you can drink a lot of water even during the medical examination. So try to drink as much as water just before the weight is being measured by the SSB medical board members.

Though the above methods will help you in clearing the medical exam of SSB, we suggest you to try to gain your weight before going to the SSB interview itself to avoid last minute tension. Going to gym and following a good diet may help you in putting on some extra calories.

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