Allowances of Indian Army commissioned officers

Written by Ashis Dubey on Feb 20, 2013

Want to become an officer in Indian Army or already serving as an officer and looking for allowances applicable? Read on to know about all allowances admissible to commissioned officers of Indian Army.

 Indian Army do have lots of allowances other than pay for it's officers who are in active service. 

Commissioned officers in Indian Army face many adverse situations during their service. Candidates who dare to face these challenges take up their career as an officer and serve for the country. In order to compensate the brave soldiers Indian Army do provide the following allowances to the commissioned officers apart from pay scale / pay band of Army officers.  

Field Area Allowance

During service, soldiers are likely to be posted in field areas or hostile areas of our country. Indian Army officers who are posted to field areas are eligible to draw Field Area Allowance during their posting. As Field Area Allowance officers of Army are given 4200 rupees per month.

High altitude or uncongenial climate Siachen allowance

Few Indian Army bases are there in high altitude areas in order to protect our borders and officers may be posted to these areas. So officers posted in high altitude or uncongenial climate will be given 11200 rupees per month. Also officers who are posted in Siachen are eligible to draw Siachen allowance of 14000 rupees per month.

Flying pay

Indian Army do has helicopters for rescue operations. Officers posted as Army Aviators are eligible to draw flying pay of nine thousand rupees per month.

Parachute pay

In order to protect our country from our enemies and to rescue Indian citizens during natural calamities, Indian Army has many trained parachute personnel. In order to appreciate the service of officers posted in active parachute regiments Indian Army provides parachute allowance of twelve hundred rupees monthly.

Special Forces Allowance

Indian Army do have special forces of commandos for tackling terrorists. Officers who are posted in special forces do get nine thousand rupees from Indian Army as Special Forces Allowance.

Transport allowance

Army cannot provide transport to each and every officer in peace area units. Thus to compensate this Indian government gives transport allowance to all Indian Army officers. Transport allowance depends on the city where the officer is posted. For A1/A class city 3200 rupees is given as transport allowance. For other places, transport allowance is given 1600 rupees per month. DA is applicable to transport allowance.

House Rent Allowance of Indian Army officers

Generally Army provides accommodation for all officers. At some places due to lack of infrastructure, Indian Army is not able to provide accommodation to it's officers. Officers who are not able to provide house, House Rent Allowance is given at the rate of ten to thirty percent of pay band, grade pay and MSP.

Kit Maintenance Allowance and Uniform allowance

Government provides four hundred rupees as kit maintenance allowance to all serving officers. Also all officers of Army will get fourteen thousand rupees initially as uniform allowance. Three thousand rupees is given to officers every three years as uniform allowance.

Qualification pay or grant for service course

Indian government provides special allowance for undergoing various courses of service and to increase qualification. Amount varies from six thousand rupees to twenty thousand rupees as per the course or qualification achieved by an officer.

Instructional Allowance

All officers posted as instructor in Indian Army training centers are eligible to draw an allowance of eighteen hundred rupees per month.

So these are the various allowances given to army officers.

These allowances are increased by twenty five percent when DA goes up by fifty percent.

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