Recent PPDT picture of NDA 132 SSB interview shown at Allahabad

Written by Ashis Dubey on Jan 24, 2014

About to appear in SSB interview and looking for recently shown PPDT pictures. Check out Picture Perception and Description Test picture shown at Allahabad selection board as described by the candidates who have attended the SSB interview recently.

Recent PPDT picture of NDA 132 SSB interview shown at Allahabad

As the season of SSB interviews is on its peak, we have brought latest PPDT picture that was shown at Allahabad SSB board to you here. This image was created using the inputs from candidates who have attended the interview recently. We have tried to show a picture which closely relate to the picture that has been showed in PPDT of Allahabad board recently on 20th January 2014.

Original PPDT Pictures that are shown in SSB Selection Boards

Practice for SSB interview by writing PPDT stories on our online SSB tests.

  In the picture there was an old man with a long beard and a woman reading the news paper. Picture was not that clear.

One of the candidate attending NDA 132 SSB interview has narrated the story as follows.
Pramod was a very kind boy. He helped all needy. He got many awards in the school. He helped the old man who was beggar.

Unfortunately the candidate could not complete his story as the time to write down the PPDT story was very less.

When the group discussion started on the picture shown in PPDT test of NDA 132 SSB interview, there were many arguments rose among the group members and no conclusion was made by the group. As a result complete group was washed out. No one from the group was able to get screened in.

So candidates who are about to appear in SSB interviews should concentrate on story writing of PPDT picture. Practice will only make you to write down the complete story in the time frame given.

Go on and write down your version of story here. Let us see how many candidates can write good story. Follow timings correctly. See the watch and you need to write down the story within four minutes time. It is better if you can write up story in a paper and then type it after time completes.

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By : AHMED       Member Level : Bronze      Commented On : 29 Jan 2019       Points : 2      

Mohit was a service personal on leave. He observed open defecation in his village. He assembled senior lady teachers and villagers with the help of pradhan of village to discuss the matter. They selected time place and date to address the ways to resolve it . on the given date all got assembled, they awared about diseases that spreads through it, difficulty for ladies to go outside at early morning . they also motivate them about govt new schemes of providing toilets. They started construction of toilets with the help of share of money among villagers and finally got approval of 10 toilets from govt after completed survey by govt authorities. After 06 months all villagers were able to use their own toilets. All thanked mohit and others to eradicate open defacation in the village.

By : ASMITA SENGUPTA       Member Level : Bronze      Commented On : 01 Jan 2019       Points : 2      

Mr Jones was a philanthropist...he lived in a village where women were deprived from the right of education, so when he grew up and was established he used to visit various remote places and give free education to the women and girls. He spent 30 years of his in this social service and after so many years when he finally came back to his village he saw a woman of his village reading a newspaper ....he was very pleased noticing this and also felt a deep satisfaction that finally his so many years of hard work and efforts paid off and even the womwn of his village were now literate enough.

By : vicky       Member Level : Bronze      Commented On : 30 Jun 2018       Points : 2      

Ram is a 45 year old man.who live in the small village of Rajasthan . The village is draught affect from previous 2 to 3 year because of which no crops were grown and many farmer family have to sleep with out food and water some time and farmers attempting suicide also.many time ram with fellow villager take their problem to higher authorities but they always give bogus promise and problem didn't solve . As increase in death in village ram decide that he will go to Jaipur and take his issue to Cm of state. But Jaipur was very far so all villager arrange the money to finance the journey of ram. Ram reached to Jaipur and starving because didn't eat from many day and wandering here and there in search of CM office the reached near a society where one women Radha was enjoying her sunday and reading newspaper and her eye caught that one old man wearing filthy and tattered cloths wandering here and there.
Then she asked Ram what he is doing here then ram told his problem to her then Radha feel sympathy for him and decide that she will help him to solve his village problem first she offered him food to eat the on next day she take him to CM office . he got the chance to meet the CM Vasundhara Raje then he told all his village problem to CM.The CM instructed the official to help the villager and release the fund to make the reservoir and provide water from near by water source or canal and provide tanker to the village till the reservoir get completed .And after few month village problem got solved and again crops get sowed in village land.

By : varsha       Member Level : Bronze      Commented On : 30 Jun 2018       Points : 2      

there was a man ,his name was mohan.once upon a time he went to the amarnath yatra with his family but he get separated from them. he was very old so he dont't remember his address .his family was also searching him everywhere. mohan's son also give an advertisement in the newspaper of his father. after 5 days when mohan was going ,a women recognisedher as she had just saw his advertisement in the newspaper . she stopped the old man and give him food and then she called his family .his son came after some time and he was very happy to get his father back.he thanked that lady and also give her money as reward.

By : YOGESH SAINI       Member Level : Bronze      Commented On : 28 May 2018       Points : 2      

Good morning friend picture shown to us there is two charecture one is male and other is female. My main charecture is Ram Dyal. Ram Dyal was a school teacher in singhana village after he retirement from school then he decide to educate and give knowledge to village old man and woman also.he take class all old human in village. after complete 2 year when he is going to main road in village he see that a old woman is reading a newspaper after seen this he become emotional and proud himself that his aim now become success .

By : piyush manas       Member Level : Bronze      Commented On : 21 Feb 2018       Points : 2      

Sohan is a protagonist and a responsible citizen of india. From his childhood he was a bright student. He completed his education, got a job then when he retired, he thought to give back to the society. He found that there were a plenty of villages in which a lot of people even could not read and write. So he decided to educate people. He started his journey of educating people and continued from one village to another. He had no time to look after himself so his look had changed and he looked almost like a beggar. When he was revisiting the villages he had worked in , he came across a poor old lady who could read an english newspaper , he cried in joy for his success . He continued his journey forever.

By : N RAHUL       Member Level : Bronze      Commented On : 08 Feb 2018       Points : 2      

Rahul the old man who can mingle quick lu with others,he is even a hard worker, philanthropist.he used to help all his villagers who came for help
But he migrated to live better life at age 35 years for that he worked hard
Suddenly he got kidney failure problem he consulted to doctor they said to get operated but he is poor he even did not share news with anyone but unfortunately news spread to villagers
Villagersarpanch secretly held a meeting and informed villagers to donate money but it's not sufficient so they gave news advertisement to donate money for Rahul's operation. The newspaper who is reading now is sarpanch of other village given by her son and she to colleced money and sent to that Village by that Rahul's operation was successfully

Moral:If we help someone , someone will help us even

By : Vishwajna       Member Level : Bronze      Commented On : 06 Nov 2017       Points : 2      

Mary is a 60 years old woman. One day she was reading an article in the newspaper. That article tells about the life story of a person who had spent whole of his life for his son and his prosperity. When his son became a well settled man he married a girl. She was not kind and always blaming his old father. Finally she made her husband to send his father out of their home. Finally the father moved out of the home and for his stomach's sake he became a beggar.
By reading this story Mary became tearful and was very happy by thinking that her children were treating her with great care and love.

By : achu       Member Level : Silver      Commented On : 14 Jul 2017       Points : 2      

one his way back to school Gokul happened to see a poor couple on the road .
They were in a distressful pathetic situation .Their clothes were shabby and torn. The lady was searching for something in the newspaper.There was a program to rehabilitate the poor and needy people by the collector. She was looking for the news. They had no money to reach the collecterate and get the help.
Gokul enquired about their need and he accompanied them to the collecterate and he bore all the expenses.
this helped them to avail the old age pension and thereafter lived with dignity and blessed Gokul.

By : Dindaipou kamei       Member Level :       Commented On : 12 Jun 2017       Points : 0      

Reetah was 45-year-old. She is a government tracher. One day while she was reading news paper, an old man age about 60 years come along her house with no hopes. Reetah saw the old man, drop her paper and enquired about his whereabouts and found that he was searching for a money for treatment of his son . She was moved with a compassion, took him to her home, gave him a drink and food.She assured him to give the amounts to be spent in treatment. She went with him and help him treating his son. His son recovered from his illness. Everyone thanked Reetah and Reetah knows the value of helping. She continues to help others.

By : prince kumar       Member Level :       Commented On : 06 Jun 2017       Points : 0      

Neha was reading newspaper sitting on the chair in front of her house. She suddenly saw an old man passing nearby and his condition was very pathetic. The old man was struggling very hard to walk on that road because the old man did not had a slipper to wear. Neha noticed it and she stopped that old man and took him into her house and gave some food and water. She also gave him a slipper and dropped him to his home.

By : ravi       Member Level :       Commented On : 31 May 2017       Points : 0      

anju is a school teacher she teach 12 th std student of her village govn school .SHE teach sociology to students .HER AGE IS BETWEEN 45 TO 50 YR OLD.She read news paper daily in the morning.one day she was studying newspaper she saw a man coming from the road.he was not looking well.anju went close to him and asked him what happened.he told that he had gone for morning walk and when he returned suddenly a pain started from his back .ANJU asked him what distance of his house from her home?she helped him and dropped him to his home from her scotty .the old man thanked her and offered a tea for her.

By : sri vidya       Member Level :       Commented On : 28 Apr 2017       Points : 0      

vidya is a 45 years retired army officer, being a responsible citizen of india she started one defense training academy, one day while is reading the newspaper she find one old man passing in front of her, to her surprise she find that old man is her sports coach while she is studying, soon after her realize she started introducing herself as his student long ago, she found that he is in helpless condition now and decided to look after him by taking him to her institute and gave him a post of sports counselor. which is well suited to him at that age. in this way the retired army officer helped that old person.

By : kamakshi srivastav       Member Level :       Commented On : 26 Apr 2017       Points : 0      

Manisha 43 year old man waiting for her train in the railway station.she suddenly saw a old man who was passing before her.she got little confused that she saw this man before.she marked that she had seen this man's picture in newspaper,at the same time she opened the newspaper match his face.there were some news that a couple had lost their's father and he is very old and used to forget everything.some one who find plz kindly inform on this adress xyx..
Manisha went to that old man and took him along her ,give her food and water..and inform on the same adress and call them.while leaving him she took her train for which she was waiting and went to her destination.

By : anjali sharma       Member Level :       Commented On : 20 Apr 2017       Points : 0      

Sunita was 40-45year lady.she had her own NGO .she always helped the poor and homeless people.one day while reading a news paper she saw the old man pic. he looked very helpless.she deciced to meet him. next morning she met him.old man told her that his wife got expired.and had no one who cares him and also homeless. after knowing his story she took him with herself and gave him a place in her ngo where other people like him was also there. finally he got a shelter for him with the help of that kind lady

By : SURYANADH       Member Level :       Commented On : 02 Mar 2017       Points : 0      

akhabar is king of india . At that he was walked in ruler in different person .He find out the one of person was studying news paper and cried. akhabar asked what happen why you are crying.the old man said that in this our crop was damaged due to the cyclones .akhabar return to his court and arrange the meeting with his ministers and take a good decision about the cyclones .

By : jj       Member Level :       Commented On : 17 Feb 2017       Points : 0      

rahika is a 65 year old woman .she is only gradute in her village .she is the sarpanch of maanii vilaage .
one day she was reading news paper .she found that the government open a soil testing centre for farmers .
radhika share this news with the panch of the village mr.radhe mohan .after that both decided they will tell this news to the villagers

after that sarpanch give information the vilager about this centre ,then the farmers went to the centre with a sample of soil and the engineers told how much urea required in your soil or more things
the villagers follow the engineers idea and they observed that crop is very better as compare to the last years

By : HARSHIT       Member Level :       Commented On : 27 Jan 2017       Points : 0      

Shalini was a 40 year old women. She was well qualified and worked as a professor in IIT Delhi. After years of work she realized her duty towards the country and also she need to provide environment for people in villages to grow for raising the condition of India. As a result she took voluntary retirement and moved to small town of kanhama in south Bihar. There she established a NGO to help people of village. In her great deed she was helped by many people of the village and most importantly a 90 year old person called Brijesh Chacha. Brijesh Chacha was one of the wisest person of the village and as every one followed his teaching , it helped shalini to form deep bonds with the villagers. Due to shalini's hardwork and brijesh chacha moral support she was able to decrease illiteracy in the village, form a community bank and provide modern technology tools for agriculture. Her work was recognized even by the the government and she was awarded for the same.

By : Mayank Pandey       Member Level : Bronze      Commented On : 20 Dec 2016       Points : 2      

Radha is a 36 year old lady .She was Seemapur village pradhan .She was very agile and concerned about the livelihood of the villagers.She was the one of the few who could read the newspaper and used to share this information with the villagers through village gatherings .She used to help them at every step.
One day while reading the newspaper she found an article related to Krishi Vikas Yojana she read it in detail and got to know that under this all the villagers who were below poverty line can get stipend of rupees 5000 per month if they enroll themselves to new skill development scheme ran by govt.She immediately called the number provided in the article and gathered other information like how to enroll ,documents needed and other formalities.She discuss with her father as her father was the village sarpanch and convinced him by her plan and vision.
She assembled all the villagers late evening in her house and told them about the govt recent scheme to work ,learn and earn at the same time and ask them to submit there ration card and voter ids .
Next Morning she went to the PWD office with her father and registered all the villagers with the scheme.After a month all the villager were getting skill enhancement training and can earn for there livelihood.She went to other villages as well to spread the scheme so that more and more people could be benefited .She was happy as among the people most of them were children below 18 years.

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