Indian Air Force Airmen Ranks and Salaries

Written by Ashis Dubey on May 06, 2017

Check out Indian Air Force airmen ranks and salaries after seventh pay commission here. Airmen are the personnel below officer rank and form the majority of the Indian Air Force fighting force. Check out seventh pay commission pay of airmen as per the ran

Indian Air Force Airmen Ranks and Salaries

Ranks and Basic Pay of Indian Air Force Airmen

Indian Air Force is the main force which guards the Indian sky from hostile countries. Airmen of Indian Air Force maintains the aircraft serviceability and assists officers in day to day complex operations. Here are the ranks awarded to airmen of Indian Air Force. 

Ranks of Indian Air Force Airmen
Rank Shortform
Aircraftsman AC
Leading Aircraftsman  LAC
Corporal Cpl
Sergent Sgt
Junior Warrant Officer JWO
Warrant Officer WO
Master Warrant Officer MWO
Honorary Flying Officer HFO
Honorary Flight Lieutenant HFL

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Salaries of IAF Airmen after Seventh Pay Commission Implementation

Seventh Pay Commission is implemented with effect from 01 January 2016 to all central government employees. As per the Seventh Pay Commission recommendation, grade pay is abolished and simple basic pay is brought back to the employees. To keep the old pay band and grade pay at par with the seventh pay commission basic pay, a new pay matrix has been brought in place for corresponding grade pays. Here is the rank-wise salaries of Indian Air Force Airmen.

Ranks of Indian Air Force Airmen
Rank Shortform Pay Matrix Level Starting Basic Pay MSP
Aircraftsman AC 3 Rs. 21,700 Rs. 5,200
Leading Aircraftsman  LAC 3 Rs. 21,700 Rs. 5,200
Corporal Cpl 4 Rs. 25,500 Rs. 5,200
Sergent Sgt 5 Rs. 29,200 Rs. 5,200
Junior Warrant Officer JWO 6 Rs. 35,400 Rs. 5,200
Warrant Officer WO 7 Rs. 44,900 Rs. 5,200
Master Warrant Officer MWO 8 Rs. 47,600 Rs. 5,200
Honorary Flying Officer HFO 10 Rs. 56,100 Rs. 15,500
Honorary Flight Lieutenant HFL 10A Rs. 61,300 Rs. 15,500

However MSP (Military Service Pay) will not be considered as basic pay. MSP will however will be taken into account while calculating Pension and Dearness Allowance.

So here were the ranks and salary of Indian Air Force airmen. Apart from basic pay and Military Service Pay, airmen also get many allowances applicable to them which makes their salary handsome.

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